The founders of Actlico approached me with the goal of transforming their previously validated idea into a "product" form. They wanted to create a web system and mobile application that I myself would enjoy using during office or home work.


I found it challenging to clearly represent the vast amount of useful information collected by the posture monitoring device. It required careful attention to maintain the system's widespread usability, especially for social functions such as setting parameters for fitness challenges, inviting participants, and tracking them.


As a result of our collaboration, we created a comprehensive web backend system that allows full parameterization and a mobile iOS app that ensures data collection and usage.




UX & UI Design

Team Setup

1 Designer (me)
+ 4 Developer


4 months


Defining Requirements and Processes

The founders had already taken care of the idea's preliminary validation, during which they were convinced of a real demand for the product. We were able to delve into reviewing the system requirements and visualizing processes and functions.



After discussing the basic functional requirements, I had all the necessary information to start assembling the wireframes. Since this was the first stage where the idea in my head took on a visual form, I expected and received a warm reception. Both the owners and developers welcomed my ideas with joy and calmness. After conducting a survey, we were ready to move forward.


Assembling the Style Guide

Being a startup, we did not yet have standard branding elements at this point. It was my task to determine the appearance of the website, web system, and mobile application.


Designing User Interfaces, Preparing for Implementation

Following the assembly of style guides, atoms, and components, the final user interfaces (UI) were soon created.
To facilitate implementation, I meticulously documented my designs, from the actions that could be performed on each screen to the exact pixel spacings.

From Dávid, we received much more than tasteful design and beautiful plans for the user interfaces. A complex system design. The precise, detailed, and logical elaboration of our sometimes vague or superficial ideas, all accompanied by endless patience, flexibility, sensitivity to problems, and a good mood. Thank you.

Antal Dittrich

Antal Dittrich

Co-Founder & CEO, Actlico Hungary

User interface elements to represent the website interface in Actlico's system.

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