Mapping users' purchasing habits, replacing the previously operating webshop engine, as well as its complete automation and detailed performance monitoring.


Acquiring visitors and maintaining profitability considering the competitive situation in the sector.


An easily manageable, user-friendly webshop that meets the technical and quality requirements of today, privately owned.




UX & UI Design
+ Webshop Research
+ Implementation
+ Automation

Team Setup

1 Designer
+ 2 Enthusiastic Stakeholder


Research: 4 months
+ Implementation: 1 month
+ Monitoring: ongoing



Being an existing and operational webshop, we already had some information available at the start. It was, therefore, a logical step to proceed from there.

Stakeholder Interview

Conversations with the webshop owners provided insights into the background of starting the business and fundamentally determined later decision-making.

Observation, Analysis

Aiming for factual accuracy, we analyzed previously collected, quantifiable data, and obtained additional qualitative information through user behavior monitoring applications.

Google Analytics & Lucky Orange logos.


Design & Testing with Increased Traffic

After slightly enhancing the capabilities and interfaces of the currently used webshop, a 3-month test period followed.

I directed traffic to the site with Google and Facebook ads, also taking advantage of the increased demand during the holiday season.

The webshop operated with full functionality, allowing for continued traffic while maintaining a similar - but by then improved - user experience.

Mobile screens to represent AppleStyle's webshop.


Evaluation & Webshop Engine Research

The webshop's traffic, user behavior, the owners' intentions, and the possibility of efficient administration guided us towards the rental webshop engines.

I did not leave this to chance. Two popular and sensible webshop engines, Shopify and Shoprenter, were compared.

Considering market peculiarities and technical possibilities, we chose the solution provided by Shoprenter.

Shopify and Shoprenter logo.


Style Guide Creation & Implementation

A Style Guide was created to ensure a consistent appearance and attract brand attention.

I defined the basic operation of the webshop, assembled the user interfaces based on the Style Guide, then integrated and configured the additional applications necessary for further quantitative and qualitative monitoring, such as Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and Lucky Orange.

Blue color shades and CTA.


Further Observation

Following our successful collaboration, the webshop owners requested further observation.

The analysis of user behavior continues to this day, and I respond to changes with additional modifications as needed.

Mobile screens to represent AppleStyle's webshop.
Mobile screens to represent AppleStyle's webshop.

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