I've noticed that although more and more website designers are starting their careers, user-friendly websites are not increasing at a sufficient rate. My goal is to pass on all the knowledge I currently have, and will have in the future, regarding effective website and product design.


Standing out from the crowd and steering future or already advanced designers in the right direction is a challenge. It's a great opportunity for experiencing market positioning of a brand and an activity while taking pride in helping others.


Thanks to my efforts, I've created an online platform for knowledge sharing, a digital product marketplace, a supporting community, and social platforms.






UX & UI Design
+ Web Design
+ Webflow Web Development

"Team Setup"

1 Designer + Webflow Developer + Founder (me)


I am continuously improving based on feedback.

PROFESSIONAL designs, in shorter time frames

Web Interface Template Kit

Style, media, element, and section library. A complete design system specifically made for Figma. Sections, pages, components, and graphical elements.

Page Templates

Ready-to-use pages. Demonstrates the use of the design system, provides tips for structuring pages, and helps you avoid starting from scratch.


A collection of containers resting on styles and the element collection. Also known as sections, which contain everything needed for website design.

Interface Elements, Components

A versatile set of elements with a component-based mechanism.

Styles, Resources

Web design suitable styles from text and color styles to a 4-pixel (px) grid structure for a worthy display of style effects and graphical elements.


Web UX Basics

A checklist containing essential requirements for interface and website design. By using it, you can discover the secret to effective websites and eliminate frustrating features.


Templates for the Notion app

For me, it's fundamental that a good customer experience is as attractive as it is profitable. On the other hand, you truly feel good when, in addition to your work and business, your personal life is also on track. Storing and managing the information at your disposal can be complicated, but I know of a digital solution that can help you check this off as well.

Templates in Hungarian, with support in Hungarian.

Wonderful and meticulous work, with thorough documentation for those who are completely new to Figma or just getting to know it. All my respect, David, I can only congratulate you for putting so much energy and valuable information into the freebie! You've provided enormous help for web design projects because finally, there's no need to spend hours surfing the community when I want to speed up the design process! Thanks!

Bernadett Gaal

Bernadett Gaál

User of the Web Designer Toolkit

User interface elements to represent the Figma Design System, made by InsighShack.

Let’s work together

If you have a website idea in mind or you need some advice about UX & UI Design, feel free to contact me. Currently my time books quickly, so the sooner you write, the better it is for both of us.

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