Magyar Telekom aims to enhance the customer service experience, facilitate sales, and design age-appropriate and engaging user processes and interfaces.


This involves adapting to previously established backend system constraints.


A faster, more modern, and more customer service-oriented internal system specifically for Telekom.


Magyar Telekom


UX Research
+ UX & UI Design

Team Setup

I participated as a designer on my own. The rest of the team consisted of Telekom colleagues and external development resources.


1 year



How it started.

Service Safari

I put our current customer service to the test incognito, literally stepping into our users' shoes.


As an observer, without incognito mode, I examined the day-to-day work of several colleagues.

User interview

Following the observation, I engaged in conversations to learn about the current system's use and routine workflows.

Stakeholder interview

Including product and idea owners in the discussion gave me a deeper understanding of the system's development background while allowing me to assess the needs from a different perspective.

Project summary for Hungarian Telekom


Summary, Wireframing, and Testing

After summarizing the research findings, essential and convenient functions that would keep the team busy for a longer period became clear.

Given the extensive volume of system transformation and the need for rapid adaptability of plans, it was a logical decision to use classic wireframes.

This made testing our observations smoother.

Wireframes representing the user interface ideas.


Designing Final User Interfaces

The only expectation for the interfaces was that while they should fit into the brand's previously established image, they should also feel new and fresh.

Usern interface representing the user interface ideas.


Design System Update and Fine-tuning

The elements of the previously established design system provided a great foundation for designing the final interfaces. After the design process, numerous new elements were added to the repertoire, thereby enriching the associated design system.

Project summary for Hungarian Telekom
User interface elements to represent the user interface in Hungarian Telekom's system.

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